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Dances with Wolves RanchStopping Your Puppy’s Barking

Dogs bark for many different reasons. Older dogs may bark because of disturbances in the night, because of people passing, or because they see another dog or animal. However, young puppies typically bark for attention. At Dances with Wolves Ranch we stop a young puppy’s habit of barking by simply not give them attention while they’re barking. This means that you’ll need to ignore your White Swiss Shepherd puppy’s barking until they stop.

Giving them no attention during bad behavior means don’t give any treats, don’t pet, don’t hug, don’t talk to them, and don’t even look at them. Once they are finally quiet you can reward them with attention. Even if they’re just quiet for a moment because they’re taking a breath, that’s the moment when you give a treat, or you encourage them. Otherwise you ignore them completely while they’re continuing the bad behavior of barking.

Barking During Crate Training

One example of when puppies bark is when you are starting to crate train them. The same training method applies in this case. When you put your Dances with Wolves Ranch puppy in the crate and they start barking, you turn away from them and ignore them. As soon as they stop barking for any reason you can turn back around and give them a treat. At first you start by rewarding them for just a second or two of quiet and then once you’re farther along in training you wait for longer periods of silence to give them a reward. Never take them out of the crate while they’re barking.

If your Dances with Wolves Ranch puppy is barking at something specifically then the best way to curb that behavior is to desensitize them to whatever it is they’re barking at. For example, if they bark at the doorbell, practice ringing the doorbell over and over so they’re used to the sound. Reward them for any period of silence during practice times. The same thing applies if they tend to bark at people coming in and out. Practice with people coming in and out of the house and reward them when they are silent. This training could take days or weeks to see results but will only work with consistency. You can’t give them attention while barking sometimes and not other times.

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