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Dances with Wolves Ranch

At Dances with Wolves ranch we have some pups that are natural swimmers, while others need a little more encouragement to enjoy the water. If your White Swiss Shepherd is showing a lot of resistance to going into the water, he should not be forced if he’s afraid. Especially for young dogs, if they have one bad experience with water, they might be afraid of it for the rest of their lives.Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your White Swiss Shepherd’s first experiences with water are positive and fun.

Positive Experiences in Water

When first introducing your White Swiss Shepherd puppy to the water, make sure that he’s comfortable and feels safe. Bring along treats to feed him every step that he takes into the water. Talk enthusiastically and encourage him the whole the way. Stand in front of your puppy and back up so he’s stepping closer and closer to you until he’s swimming to get to you. At Dances with Wolves Ranch we start young puppies in a kiddie pool to get them used to the idea of water. We start with just an inch or two and slowly fill it up higher.

Encouraging Your Puppy to Get in the Water

If your White Swiss Shepherd likes toys or a ball, you can throw them into the water slightly ahead of him, so he’ll swim to reach his toy or ball. At Dances with Wolves Ranch we bring along another dog that already knows how and likes to swim, and the puppy follows them in. If your family is in the pool together splashing and having fun, your puppy will be more likely to try getting into the water to join in on the fun.

Teaching your puppy to swim is a process. Instead of spending hours in one day trying to get him to enjoy the water, spread it out in small sessions over a few days or weeks.

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