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Intelligent Rank
BBS is highly intelligent.

BBS are very easy to train.

Energy level:
BBS are medium energy level dogs.

Prey drive:
BBS has a medium prey drive.

Wandering tendencies:
BBS do not wander off away from their owner.

Health Issues:
BBS tend to have less health problems than a GSD.

Longevity range:
BBS live on the average 12-14 years.

Watchdog Ability:
BBS can be good watchdogs but protecting is not their strong suit.

BBS has a lower tendency to nip, chew, play-bite, or herd people.

BBS adapts well to lifestyle changes and different living environments.

BBS are very kid-friendly dogs.

BBS are cat-friendly dogs.

BBS do very well with other dogs.

Small Animals:
BBS do well with animals if socialized with them from an early age.

Senior Citizen Friendly:
BBS are one of the best breeds for elderly people.

Apartment Friendly:
BBS can live in apartments only if they get plenty of mental & physical stimulation.

Good For First Time Owners:
BBS can be good for a novice owner with some knowledge.

Office Friendly:
BBS is a good companion breed for the office environment.

BBS are not hypoallergenic.

Shedding Level:
BBS do shed, similarly to a GSD.

Tolerates Being Left Alone:
BBS can have separation anxiety when their owners left them alone at home because they bond very closely with them.

BBS are very sensitive and need to be lead with positive training methods.

BBS has low grooming needs (brush a couple of times a week).

BBS do not require to be bathed often.

BBS can excel in service & therapy.

BBS love water if exposed early on.

Medium, some can be “talkers.”