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Dances with Wolves RanchWhen you first get a new puppy from Dances with Wolves Ranch you may be wondering “why does my puppy need all of these shots?” “Is it really important to get these different vaccines?”

Your puppy will need a minimum of three puppy vaccines when they are young. Giving your puppy vaccines is giving them the best shot at a long and healthy life. Vaccines protect your puppy against the most common and most serious dog diseases found outside.

How Vaccines Work

When your puppy is getting a vaccine, it’s creating antibodies in your puppy’s body that destroy harmful antigens. Once the puppy has been vaccinated, he’s considered immunized against those diseases. The reason puppies need a series of vaccinations instead of just one is because the process of creating antibodies needs to continue while the puppy is young and most vulnerable.

Between the ages of 16 to 18 weeks your puppy should get their last round of vaccines. Before that age, your puppy is unprotected against many different diseases they could come into contact with. That doesn’t mean you can’t take your young puppy outside. However, you need to be more cautious about what your puppy is exposed to. Make sure all the animals he comes into contact with are healthy and updated on their own shots. Avoid places such as dog parks and pet supply stores where many unknown dogs and other animals frequent. Once your Dances with Wolves Ranch puppy is 18 weeks and finished with their series of shots, you can be much more relaxed about taking them into public.

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