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Dances with Wolves RanchOnce you bring your new puppy home from Dances with Wolves Ranch you might be thinking that they would like a playmate to keep them company when you are gone or can’t play with them. How do you know if your puppy would do well with another dog?

Does Your Dog Need a Playmate?

A playmate is a great way for your Dances with Wolves Ranch puppy to get exercise when you’re not around. However, each dog is different. Some dogs have a personality that works well with other animals and some not so much. Assess your dog’s personality and watch how they interact with other dogs.

If your puppy enjoys places like the dog park and seems to be eager and playful around other dogs, then a playmate might be a good idea. However, if your dog seems to be showing a dominant personality or is very possessive over his toys, he might not do so well with a companion. Dogs who tend to be high-energy or too shy might benefit from an older dog in the house who can help their confidence and encourage them to be calmer.

How to Choose a Playmate

Here are four things to consider when looking for a playmate: gender, play style, size, and age. When looking for a playmate for your Dances with Wolves Ranch puppy it’s important to choose another dog who will get along well with your puppy. Dogs of different genders tend to get along better than two of the same gender. Make sure the playmate doesn’t have aggressive tendencies or a possessive nature over their toys. It’s ideal to find a dog who has the same play style as your puppy. For example, maybe they both like to wrestle or they both like to chase.

It’s also important to find a dog who is roughly the same size so neither will accidently get hurt as they roughhouse. The last element to consider is age. The younger your puppy is when you add the new dog, the easier the transition will go. If both dogs are already adults, it’s a little trickier to make sure they get along and will thrive living together.

While there are good reasons to get your puppy a playmate, there are definitely reasons that you shouldn’t. You should not get another dog in an attempt to fix problems with your current dog. If your puppy is howling all day or destroying the house when they’re left alone, getting another dog will not fix the situation. Instead, you should address these issues through training before you bring another dog into the mix.

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