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Dances with Wolves Ranch

Companion Animals

Dances with Wolves Ranch dogs make great companion animals and have the perfect temperament to be a companion dog (or emotional support animal.) Unlike a service dog, a companion dog has no specialized training, but is simply there to provide companionship and psychological support. Emotional Support Dogs may perform activities such as aiding those who struggle with severe anxiety, ADHD, depression, learning disorders, PTSD, or even physical ailments such as high blood pressure.


Under the Fair Housing Act, companion animals are allowed in all housing, including “no-pet” housing. Companion dogs are also allowed to fly with their owner on any airplane. In addition, you cannot be charged extra for either of these things. However, unlike service dogs, they cannot enter restaurants or supermarkets.


You do not need any specific certification or license to register your Dances with Wolves Ranch puppy as a companion dog. The only proof you need is a letter written by a licensed medical professional stating that you require an emotional support dog. The letter, including their signature and recent date, must specifically recommend that your dog will provide mental and/or physical aid to you. Emotional support dogs don’t require any specialized training, but they should be well behaved and under control so they aren’t causing harm or disturbance to those around you.

While there is no need to officially register your companion animal, it is often helpful to go online and register your dog as an Emotional Support Animal to help deal with landlords or employees. You can also buy your dog a specific vest indicating that they are an Emotional Support Animal. However, note that this vest is different than a service dog vest or certified therapy dog vest.

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