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Dances with Wolves Ranch

How to Keep Your Dog Cool

In really hot weather it’s possible for your Dances with Wolves Ranch dog to get heat stroke even in a matter of minutes. Dogs with a thick coat of hair are even more susceptible to heat stroke in the summer months. Heatstroke can cause a lot of damage very quick, so it’s important to prevent it as best as you can.


There are several ways you can keep your Dances with Wolves Ranch dog cool and prevent heatstroke. First, it’s very important to make sure your dog always has access to cool, clean water. Especially in the summer months, be sure to keep your puppy’s water bowl full at all times. When you walk your dog, aim for the cooler parts of the day and walk in the shade. You should bring water along if it will be a long or vigorous hike. Make sure to keep an eye on your puppy during the day and watch for any signs of overheating. Symptoms could include low energy, heavy panting, loss of skin elasticity or red gums.


There are also some creative tricks you can use to cool your Dances with Wolves Ranch dog down on a hot day. Some people give their dogs frozen ice packs or freezable dog toys. You can even freeze a dog treat inside of an ice cube. On a really hot day, it can also help to take your dog for a swim or plan some water activities. You can mist their face, give them a cool towel, and even set up a fan for them.


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