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Dances with Wolves RanchEmergencies can happen when you least expect them, and it can bring a lot of comfort to you and your family to prepare ahead of time for whatever may happen to you or your puppy. Here are tips from Dances with Wolves Ranch on how to put together a pet emergency kit.

What you decide to add to your emergency kit will somewhat depend on the area you live in. You’ll want to add things that would be appropriate in the case of an earthquake, tornado, flooding, poisonous animal bite or whatever disaster may be expected in your area. However, there are also emergency kit essentials that people in any area should remember to add to their pet checklist.

What to Add to Your Pet Emergency Kit

Firstly, there are certain documents that are always important to have handy in an emergency. It’s essential to have a list of emergency contacts such as your vet, poison control center, pet emergency hospital, and neighbors that could take care of your puppy if you cannot. It’s also important to have information about your Dances with Wolves Ranch puppy, such as veterinary records, microchip information, and even a photo of your dog in case they are lost.

The second thing that is important for your kit is an emergency supply of food and water. Store two weeks’ worth of food and water as well as compact, portable dishes for both. If your pet regularly takes medication, make sure to pack an ample supply of that as well. It’s also handy to have feeding and medication instructions for your pet in case someone else will need to feed them.

The third thing you always want in your pet emergency kit is medical items. Many stores will sell pre-assembled pet first aid kits. These should include things like gauze, cotton balls, scissors, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic cream, Benadryl, thermometer, and especially a first aid guide.

Lastly, pack an extra leash, collar with ID, and any cleaning supplies that could be handy in case of an emergency. If you pack together this pet emergency kit ahead of time, it can put your mind at ease to know you’ll be prepared for any disaster that may come your way.

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