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Dances with Wolves RanchWhen deciding how much exercise your Dances with Wolves Ranch dog needs, you’ll need to take several factors into consideration. Dogs need different amounts of exercise depending on their breed, personality and age.


Most adult dogs need around 30 minutes to 2 hours of exercise a day. However, this varies between different breeds and even between dogs in the same breed. Before getting a dog it’s important to research that breed and their specific needs. High-energy level dogs will need more exercise than low energy level dogs. Different breeds of dogs may also require different types of exercises suited to their body type. For example, labs may love going for a swim, but for pugs it may be a safety hazard.


If your dog has a barking habit or tends to get into trouble while you’re away, this may be an indicator that they need more exercise. Even within the same breed a dog’s energy level can vary a lot. Sometimes bad behaviors are a sign that your dog is not getting sufficient exercise.


When you have a young puppy, they will need exercise more often but in shorter amounts. Due to their short attention span, several sessions of 10 to 20 minutes of exercise is best for a puppy. When exercising a puppy, it’s also important to consider what activities you’re doing. Hard core exercises like long periods of running or jumping are not good for their soft, growing bones. Make sure any exercise with your puppy is gentle and supervised.

The same goes for older dogs or those who have health issues such as joint problems. They still need exercise but it’s important to find appropriate activities that will be easy on their bodies.

When choosing how to exercise your Dances with Wolves Ranch dog there are many different options, but ideally you should find exercise that works not just your dog’s body but their mind too. It’s often a good idea to combine exercise sessions with training sessions. That means that your dog will be getting their energy out while at the same time being mentally stimulated.

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