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Dances with Wolves RanchHome Remedies For Dogs

The best and safest way to treat any pet illness is to go to your veterinarian for their professional opinion and pet care. However, home remedies can be a solution if your Dances with Wolves Ranch dog is dealing with a familiar or mild ailment. Check in with your vet to make sure your home remedy is safe and effective for your pet before applying it.

Stomach Issues

If your Dances with Wolves Ranch dog has an upset stomach, then there are some foods that can help calm their digestive system. Foods high in fiber, like pumpkin, can help to even out your dog’s stomach and treat constipation or diarrhea. It can also be helpful to give your dog electrolyte replacing liquids to recover from those illnesses. Some people feed their dog chamomile tea to decrease inflammation and ease stomach pain. Unsweetened yogurts can also help to maintain the healthy bacteria in your dog’s stomach.

Skin Problems

If your dog is dealing with cuts or sores, make sure to wash the affected area with warm water and mild soap. It can be helpful to rinse the cut with a saline solution and soak any sore muscles in Epsom salts. If your Dances with Wolves Ranch dog is dealing with itchy skin, some home remedies include oatmeal baths and applying licorice root. Spraying chamomile tea on the dry area can also be a good way to soothe itchy skin. Vitamin E oil and coconut oil are also great for your pet’s skin and can be very helpful if they are dealing with dry skin or paws.


Oils can also be a great remedy for warding off bugs. Many people have found that coconut oil given orally or applied on the coat can repel fleas. Others bathe their dogs with shampoo made with tea tree oil or make a flea spray from lemon juice or rosemary oil. Other remedies include adding apple cider vinegar to your pet’s diet or putting a few drops of rose geranium oil on your dog’s collar.

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