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Bringing a New Dog Home

Bringing a new Dances with Wolves Ranch dog home can be very exciting for you and your family, but it can actually be very stressful for your current dog. If you don’t take the correct steps and closely monitor the new dog’s introduction, it can result in tension and even fighting between your pets. The way that your current dog reacts to the newcomer completely depends on his personality. If your dog tends to be aggressive, territorial, or doesn’t get along well with other animals, it may not be the best idea to bring another dog into the household.

Creating a Safe Environment

When the two dogs are first meeting it’s important to closely monitor them to make sure they have a safe and positive first experience. It helps to introduce the new Dances with Wolves Ranch dog in a neutral location such as the park so your current dog doesn’t have a chance to feel territorial. You should have a different person holding the leash for each dog to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Monitor both dogs’ body language closely and praise them with treats when they react positively to each other. If they start to tense or growl, then it’s best to lead them away and start again from farther back so they can slowly get used to each other. Once they begin to tolerate each other, they can begin to go on walks together and adjust to relaxing and being social when around each other.

Once you bring the new dog into your house, make sure there is no food, toys, dog beds or bowls laying around that they could fight over. Give your new Dances with Wolves Ranch dog all new things and keep them separated, especially when eating.  For the first few weeks they should be in separate areas or crates and they should only interact when you have time to closely supervise them. Watch for aggressive body language and reinforce any positive behavior. It’s always better to err on the side of caution and take slow steps toward their introduction to the family.

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