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How to Discipline Your Dog

Proper training is an essential part of having any dog. Training involves teaching your dog the difference between good behaviors and bad behaviors. This is taught through a combination of rewards and discipline. Dances with Wolves Ranch dogs are quick learners and pick up on even the smallest cue. So, it’s important to discipline your dog in the correct way and with the right timing to create good habits and curb the bad ones.

Methods of Discipline

First, there are a few methods of discipline that are not only ineffective but can be harmful to your Dances with Wolves Ranch dog. Yelling at or hitting your dog is never a good method of discipline. It’s also ineffective to show your dog a mess they made and then discipline them after the fact. The key to proper pet discipline is consistency and timing. Your dog will only connect discipline to whatever immediate action they were taking part in. Therefore, if you are trying to correct a behavior you need to catch your dog in the act of doing it. You need to quickly correct him while he understands what he’s being corrected for. In addition, discipline will not work if it’s not consistent. Sometimes correcting a behavior and sometimes letting it slide will confuse your dog and undo your training.

It’s also important to be firm when you correct your dog. Your dog won’t understand that you’re unhappy if you are speaking to him in the same way as usual. A quick and stern “no” or a loud clap are more effective methods to get his attention and correct him.

The most important facet of dog training is quickly correcting bad behaviors and always encouraging good ones. Sometimes the most effective form of discipline is simply not giving your dog attention when they are misbehaving but rewarding them when they show positive behavior.

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