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When summer arrives, we at Dances with Wolves Ranch are asked if owners should shave their Berger Blanc Suisse dog. Shaving a single-coat breed such as a poodle works well but Berger Blanc Suisse dogs have a double coat. You should never shave a double-coated breed.

Double-coated breeds have natural insulation which is good in both the winter and summer. In the winter, the long hair provides protection against snow, ice, and rain whereas the undercoat stays dry and keeps the Berger Blanc Suisse warm. In summer, your dog will shed its soft undercoat while the long hair will remain. This topcoat of longhair protects the dog from insects and sunburn and insulates against heat. Air will circulate through the long hairs and cool the skin.

Shaving a long-coated dog will remove this important insulation. Unfortunately, their coat may never grow back the same! The best way to help your double-coated dog stay cool in summer is to bathe him and use a hair-dryer to blow out the undercoat. You should get a good “rake” type brush designed for removing undercoats.

Doing this thoroughly at the beginning of the summer will make a big difference; you might consider going to a groomer as it is a big job! If you do go to a groomer, be absolutely clear with them that Berger Blanc Suisse dog should not be shaved; many groomers are inexperienced or will take the easy route.

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